Crushing 22
Symbolically for the whole men's world, Lea crushes a rubber tail. She wants to show all men what she thinks of them. With her bare feet she climbs on the tail, squeezes it, shifts her entire weight on it. As if it were your cock, she jumps around with it. With her toes painted red, she kicks him deep into the leather of the couch. And she talks all the time with the tail under her feet as if it were a real one. Tell him what she thinks about the men. Then the dildo falls down on the floor and she climbs back on her foot, squeezing the juice out of the rubber. With her feet she tortures him and finds that the tails of all men should be treated like this. "Do you feel this masculinity ... that is not there ?!", she says to you, crushing the tail between her feet.

Crushing 22

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