Crushing 87

Don't play with the food! Sadistic Teen Crush Fun!

Kitty's mother always says with a raised finger, don't play with food. But that doesn't interest the cheeky, provocative brat. On the contrary, that's why she really enjoys destroying everything. The lascivious girlie has a lot of fun crushing things with her feet. “ I love the squishy feeling when I crush it!” Today she had fun piercing a pineapple with her sexy high heels. She crushes the pineapple under her stilettos with sadistic delight. Then she plays with the PEZ figures. She has prepared 3 PEZ figures. Donald, Mickey and Goofy. First they are allowed to feast on the destroyed pineapple. Before they get crushed by the cruel teen dominatrix. She stomps the PEZ figures with her black high heel sandals, leaving nothing but destruction in her wake.

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Crushing 87

  • Product Code: Crushing 87
Length: Minute
  • 6.38€

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